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Help us take action to save thousands of horses from slaughter in Kosciuszko National Park.

The Australian Alps National Parks have just released another flawed count of Brumbies in Kosciuszko National Park - and those who want Kosciuszko’s Brumbies to face slaughter are using this report to try an push for another bloodbath.

Already the NSW Government is allowing for Kosciuszko's brumbies to be trapped and transported to knackeries. They do not deserve this fate. 

Our government must urgently invest in research and trial studies for immunocontraceptive darting. Something we know has been used effectively in the United States as an integral part of the management of wild horses in similar terrain to that of Kosciuszko for over 15 years.

Your voice is powerful. Help us ensure that these animals will not face a cruel and inhumane death. 

Share your voice and together we can fight for a scientific, compassionate approach to properly manage the wild horse population in Kosciuszko National Park.


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Think about how the slaughter of these brumbies makes you feel as an individual as a voter - how do you feel when elected representatives can come up with no better plan than to massacre thousands of healthy, sentient horses.


Do you have personal experience with wild horses or know someone who does - stories about the individual horses and the individuals who rescue and advocate them make great emails.